Our Projects

Civics Reborn is a nonpartisan organization that strengthens community relationships, and increases civic education and engagement. We also hope to improve organic connections by making government, political parties, nonprofits, lobbyists, and consulting firms more transparent. In the next coming year, Civics Reborn will have 4 projects in the works:

  • Lunch With Your Neighbor Day

This project will ask volunteers to annually celebrate the importance of community by taking one neighbor out to lunch each year. We will be determining the specific date in the near future on when we plan to hold this event so everyone can participate in it in a collective fashion.   

  • What is My Government Up To and Why Should I Care?

This project will be an ongoing series of interviews, asking ordinary Americans what makes civic engagement important and how governmental policies affect their everyday life. 

  • Navigating the Maze between Government, Nonprofits and Consultants

This project will entail the building of a database that will make information concerning governmental agencies, political parties, consulting firms,and nonprofits, more transparent. Various industries play a very influential role in determining policy yet the information about such industries is limited. Civics Reborn hopes to clarify this picture.

  • What's Going On In My Neighborhood

This project will be an ongoing series of community events with the purpose of providing neighbors information about local politics. This will involve everything from canvassing regularly to holding yearly barbecues.